Saturday, October 17, 2009

Morning Photoshoot

It was foggy this morning and that being the case I thought it would be a good time to try and take pictures of the wetlands at Consumnes River Preserve shrouded in fog.

So off we went. We passed beautiful foggy country scenes of goats, sheep and cattle grazing. No, no time to stop because I didn't want to miss the fog. But the further west we went the more the sun seemed to shine!

I was very disappointed when we got to the river preserve and there was hardly any fog there. In fact the sun was shining quite brightly! sad There was a slight haziness in the distance, and that was it! How I wished I had stopped to take pictures of the foggy country scenes! No, foggy scenes of anything from this morning but I did take some good pictures of the river preserve.

Click on the pictures to get a larger view.

A rather large spider in its web.

I wanted to capture the reflection of the trees on the water.

A large heron feasting in the water.

Geese were aplenty flying overhead and landing on the water. Wished I had a better camera to capture them in flight!

I love this scene of the sun coming through the trees by the water's edge.

Ducks swimming in the water.

If it is another foggy morning tomorrow, we will try to get to the river preserve earlier than we did today. Plenty of time to shoot some photos, get back and get ready for church later in the morning.