Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another hot day

Today is the third day where the mercury hits above 100°F. It is days like these that makes you thankful that some smart person invented the air-conditioner!

The kids and I went to our town's weekly market this morning a little after 9.00 a.m. We walked up and down two aisles and decided that that was more heat than we could handle!

I bought assorted vegetables, some nectarines, two cantaloupes and an Indian top (quite pretty!), and called it a day. The shopping took us less than an hour, but due to the heat, it felt like we had spent a much longer time at the market.

According to the weather forecast the weather is going to cool down quite a bit by the end of the week. Thank goodness for that! By all accounts this summer has been a lot milder than previous years'. I am not complaining!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A dragonfly and a hummingbird

This morning I saw a dragonfly perching at the end of a withered gladiola branch through my window. I quickly gathered my camera, left my coffee on the table in front of my computer, and sat on a chair on the patio facing my little garden patch.

Well, when no dragonfly decides to perch any where near you, you tend to get bored. So I went back into the house, grabbed and carried the small patio table in the back patio to the front. Then I went back in again for my coffee, and a radio.

My patience was rewarded. Not only did a dragonfly find a spot to perch on, a little hummingbird kept coming back to feed on the nectar of the morning glories! I took several pictures of the dragonfly and the hummingbird!

Patience is something you have to learn to deal with when you want to photograph birds and flying insects!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Durians in KL

I told Doug to hold off on the durians when he was in Miri. In Miri, durians are so expensive and if you did buy some, you are never sure that the ones you bought are any good. In KL, the vendor opens up the durian for you, lets you inspect it, and if you are satisfied you can go ahead and buy it.

That was exactly what we did at a Pasar Malam in SS 2. We bought five durians which only cost us RM 37. The vendor opened up all the durians and packed them in styrofoam containers for us. We brought the durians home to my friend, Margaret's, place and had a feast.

"That's your Malaysian durian for the year", I told Doug!