Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

It's another year, and another Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day, folks!

The kids received their Valentine's Day cards and cheques from their grandparents early this year.  Their grandmother went on a cruise to Mexico and she wanted to be sure that the grandkids received their cards and cheques by the time she got back from the cruise.

You can just imagine their excitement at receiving a cheque each on Valentine's Day! There they had thought that it was only at Christmas and on their birthdays that cheques/money were part of the gifts! :-)

No, they did not receive such a generous gift from Mom and Dad.  They each got a card and a buck each in the envelope.  They are still at a stage where the amount is not that important - receiving something, no matter how small, is THE excitement!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that they stay this excited for a much longer time!  :-)

As for me, dear hubby gave me a bouquet of roses (last Friday!), a card and an early Valentine's Day lunch.  He didn't want to pay premium prices for the roses on the day itself, and neither did he want to fight the crowd during Valentine's Day dinner!  That's fine by me!

So how has your Valentine's Day been so far?  I hope all is good with you!